Saturday, October 29, 2011

Green Monsters

The first time I ever made a green smoothie the results were disastrous. I had read so many things extolling the virtues of green shakes and I couldn't wait to try them, despite warnings that it was an 'acquired taste'. It was a taste I wanted to acquire, and so I set about trying a recipe I found in a book. The blender I was using at the time was definitely not up to the task of grinding up all those leafy greens into something tasty(I'm pretty sure the blender was older than I am. An egg whisk might have done a better job). I put way too many things into it in one go, as well as too much cilantro(BAD IDEA). It was gross, and I was put off and have been mildly terrified of green shakes since. Now I love me some greens, and I love green juice. I also love tossing a handful or 3 of spinach or kale into a more conventional fruit smoothie. Tonight I'm leaving for NYC(HOORAY!), and I had a bunch of spinach hanging out in the fridge that needed to be used. I decided today was the day, I was going to try green shakes again. This is a big deal. I think in the raw food world we sometimes eat some things that seem really strange to the rest of the world, and I've prided myself on trying as many of these things as I can(who says veganism is boring?) But after the green shake incident I hadn't even looked at one since. I put the spinach, a banana, some frozen pineapple, Sunwarrior Vanilla Protein Powder, stevia, and a splash of cashew milk into the vitamix(this is crucial! Not properly blended green shakes are, as I can say from experience, gag-reflex inducing. To this girl at least.). It was delicious, my faith in green shakes was restored, and I can foresee lots more of these in my future! Facing your fears is a good thing.

I rarely drink shakes in a cup, I like putting them in a bowl over some grapes(today's were green to keep with the theme), or other fruit and topping it with buckwheat groats, oats, hemp seeds, and goji berries.

Happy Halloweekend!

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