Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bye Vancouver

Heading back to Toronto tomorrow, which I'm excited about! But also a little sad to be leaving Vancouver, the weather's been lovely and I miss the beaches and mountains. I never paid much attention to them while I was here(except for snowboarding season), but this trip while driving around the city I'd catch glimpse of them and they'd take my breath away. I'm being cheesy, but it's true.

How could you not love a face like this? When it's sunny that is.

I bought enough protein powder and other goodies at Whole Foods to warrant having to bring an extra suitcase back. As well as new running shoes and half of Lululemon. Oops.

Today I finally took measurements, because I was curious and as a way to map progress. I hate making fitness be about numbers, I'm trying to abandon that as a measure of progress(especially weighing myself), but in this case I feel it's warranted. I did my waist, hips, legs and whatnot but I still can't really bring myself to step on a scale. Probably because the number won't be what I want to see, and I hate getting hung up on numbers because it ruins my day and so I'd rather just not. This is more about me being super strong and fit and not just fitting a certain number I decided in my head is the weight I should be. However, I'd kinda like to know if my biceps are getting bigger, and by how much.

Up until this week I've been doing pretty much full body workouts everyday, and taking Sunday's off. This week I decided to do full body workouts Monday, then focus on a different area for 40-50 minutes Pilates/Strength each day plus 2 Blogilates HIIT or Cardio circuits. Everything hurts and I love it. HIIT is also killing me, so much more efficient than hours of mindless cardio (ew), although by the end of it I'm dripping in puddles of my own sweat. Tasty.

Now back to packing and pretending I'm going to sleep early!

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