Sunday, April 8, 2012

Soy Many Questions

Something I've been kind of confused about lately is soy based protein powder. For the most part I'd assume if you're drinking protein powder you're trying to build muscle, and excess estrogen in your body is supposed to make that more difficult. So if you're drinking soy protein wouldn't that make it more difficult to build muscle? I have no clue if that's true but I'm curious.

Another soy related thing I'd like to know is why is tofu only made with soy milk? Googling has told me that tofu is made by coagulating(sounds so unappealing) soymilk with calcium sulphate or magnesium chloride. In Japan they use they use nigari, which is basically magnesium chloride with other trace elements. Soymilk is boiled, then the coagulant(mixed with water) is added, then the mixture is left to stand for 20 minutes. Once the soymilk is separated into little chunks, it's transferred to a cheesecloth lined mould and left to rest for another 20 minutes. Then you dump your block of soymilk into cold water, and store it in the fridge.

Could you make it with almond milk? Cashew milk? I once saw a recipe for tofu in a raw food cookbook, but I'm not sure how much like regular tofu it would be(I think they used agar and almond milk). I've been experimenting with agar a bit lately and I've found it adds sort of a weird taste. But it might just have been the agar I was using cause it's been on my shelf for awhile. I found Nigari online so I'm going to try and make my own tofu, which should be interesting. And I'm going to try using almond milk just to see what happens!

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