Sunday, April 8, 2012

Watching Tone It Up's Beach Babe DVD (and all their videos in general) are giving me the biggest urge to move somewhere delicious and sunny and work at a fitness studio and just wear cute fitness stuff and live on the beach. I'd drink coconut water out of coconuts all day and it would be great. Sometimes I feel like I'm already halfway to becoming a weird fitness/yoga/pilates person who eats bizarre things and is a part time hippie. Then I realize I'm not really that far from being that, which I'm totally okay with. There's nothing wrong with any of those things!

It's sorta entertaining for me though since when I was in my most unhealthy mindset, I wanted nothing more than to move to California(since I was freezing all the time due to malnourishment) and maybe become a fitness instructor so I wouldn't get fat. But things are super different now. I'm falling in love with working out again because it feels awesome. I've finally got into a groove of knowing how to switch up my workouts and actually do things I enjoy, as opposed to endless hours of cardio on a stationary bike, which to be honest I completely and utterly hate. HATE! And well, I've always loved a good beach. Hawaii was perfect. LA doesn't look too bad either! Things have come full circle.

It's honestly embarrassing how into workout gear I've gotten as of late. Half the reason I think I'm excited to work out is because I get to wear new shorts I bought, and new runners. And my weights are pink. I've been trolling ebay looking for cute workout shorts and tank tops for more time than I'd like to admit today. Whatever works, right?

More on the workout DVD; it's got a couple different sets of workouts, some shorter which you can mix and match, and one long one(40 mins) which went by really quickly, but was super intense. So far I've tried the Bikini and Abs video(burned a ton), and the Arms video(short but amazing and today I have jello arms). Watching the behind the scenes video is so heartwarming, to see how much work and love really went into filming it. It always makes me so happy to see someone(s) following their passion, and doing it so well. Plus it's filmed in Hawaii(one of my favorite places in the world!!), complete with crashing waves and awesome sunsets. Thinking about it just makes me excited to work out tomorrow. I am a weirdo, I know.

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