Friday, May 18, 2012

Fridays and Fitness Apps

Friday's are do whatever I feel like it for an hour workout days. So I tackled Level 3 of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. I wish I owned heavier weights since I can't really take my computer to the gym, and had to do it at home with the 8lb ones I have. Exciting thing is that it was easy peasy. 2 months ago this workout killed me, today I breezed right through it, and then did the HIIT The Beach Routine from Tone It Up. Seeing results and feeling myself get stronger each week is super exciting. Hard work pays off!

I've been dying to do hot yoga lately but it doesn't really fit into the budget, but I've managed to come up with a solution! The gym in my building's got a sauna no one uses, so that paired with the All In Yoga app does the trick. The only obstacle is that the sauna is hottest near the ceiling, so I've been balancing precariously on the top bench and hoping I don't fall.

Speaking of apps they've become my new favorite thing for coming up with workouts. The Nike Training Club one has some amazing workouts for pretty much everything you can think of, I did the Gladiator one on Monday and it kicked my butt. There's 4 categories, for getting lean, toned, gaining strength, and 15 minute workouts focused on each body part. Most of the workouts vary from 30-45 minutes, with 3 levels of difficulty. All for 99 cents!!!  It also has a timer that tells you when to switch moves, and videos showing you how to do each move. So it's pretty much a gift from the workout gods.

Another one I've been using is called Jefit, where it has a huge database of moves you can pick from to combine your own routines and log your weights, reps, and sets you've done. You can also make up a routine for each day of the week, and it'll tell you when you've beat your previous weights(it's more of a strength training app).

Dinner today was a vaguely Mexican inspired salad. Mixed greens, topped with Smokey Paprika Tofu, broccoli, 1/2 a sweet potato, onion, avocado, and lots of lime juice and hot sauce. The whole way through I was thinking it'd be better with salsa, but I didn't have any. Lately I've taken to dumping wine onto whatever I've been cooking, and you wouldn't think that white wine and tofu would go together but somehow they do. Don't ask. I also gobbled it up far too quickly to take a photo.

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