Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm in love with HIIT

Today I did an hour of strength training for my arms/back this morning, and then a 30 minute HIIT workout on the treadmill tonight. I'm becoming the biggest gym rat but I like it. Prior til today I've never been able to do cardio without listening to music(to keep myself from being bored to tears),  and today was a first. I did 90 seconds at 8MPH, and then 3 minutes recovery at 5MPH. I think the switching keeps me from being bored, and by using a handy app called Seconds Free(my new love) it made it super easy to keep track.

My ankles got a little sore, which was kind of annoying. I always like the idea of being a runner but a lot of the time I find it hurts my knees/joints too much when I do it consecutive days. Is it something I should just push through and hope my legs get stronger? I have no clue. I really would like to not get injured though. Somewhere on my list of things I'd like to do in this life running a 5km race. I was looking up races this summer, but then in hindsight I realized I'd probably prefer to not run outdoors in the heat of summer during the day. So this gives me some time to train and see if I can find one in early fall perhaps?

Lately I've been looking up all these vegan athletes(and raw vegan ones too which excite me even more), and they're all such badasses. One raw vegan in particular has set out to make it his purpose to prove to everyone you can be an elite athlete and do all sorts of crazy things, like stair climbing marathons, and be eating totally raw. None of this eating 5 billion egg whites a day business! He might be my new hero. In veganism I've learned that you can't really prove anything to people by chatting about it, you just have to prove you're awesome through what you do.

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